True Blood: Who is Marnie?

July 10, 2011

Because I’m obsessed with understanding this season of True Blood, I’ve already watched each of the two available episodes three times each.

Marnie the Witch is of particular interest to me. While I was watching True Blood on HBOGO, I captured a screen shot of who Marnie was shifting into when she made Eric lose his memory.

Is Marnie a shifter pretending to be a crone witch with some ulterior motive? Is this the ghost of someone that Eric has killed in the past inhabiting Marnie? When will Eric get his memory back? Can Marnie actually control vampires? How will this situation get out of control like everything does on True Blood?

I guess we’ll find out soon.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9/8C on HBO.



  1. Aris says:

    I’ve read all the books. The reasons for Eric loosing his memory was never known until the end of the book. And to top it off, witches didn’t become a factor until the next book. So even the readers are in for a ride.

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